Sunday, March 29, 2009

You gotta fight...for your party!

Here is the pink diaper-caterpillar cake. If this doesn't say "I love you," well, I just don't know what does.

Yes, his chin is losing the battle with gravity there. Design flaw. It's chocolate, so we know just how to fix it.

Big hits of the night for Thomas, present-wise, were cars, Pixar's Cars clothing, a Maisy DVD, and the Thomas the Tank Engine bubble blower. He also took two little metal Pixar Wall-E and M-O figures to bed with him. Toy makers take note: if it's from Pixar and has wheels, you've got a winner. At least with our little guy.

He sang "Happy Birfday" over and over again and was SO excited to blow out his candle. Bethy almost let him unwrap all his presents himself.

Thank you to everyone for his birthday wishes that came in by phone, Skype, and computer. Isn't technology wonderful?


Pat and Colleen said...

Great job on the caterpillar cake!
It is adorable!
:- )

Will & Cheyenne said...

Sorry to hear about your cars. I wouldn't let Mike touch anything again.

Natalie said...

Eh, it's not Mike's fault the cars died. Usually something breaks and all he has to do is look at it or do the whole laying on of hands and hey presto, it's fixed. I think the desert is hard on cars, what can you do? Personally, I'm glad they didn't break down with me and the kids in them. Good timing, and we appreciate Mike taking two for the team.