Sunday, March 1, 2009

Down to the tropical sun go the expatriated American hopin' to find some fun...

Early March is apparently the time to fit in as many outdoor activities as possible before spring gets going full force. I know our days of blue skies (as opposed to burning white, cloudless ones) are limited. I went up the stairs in our house to be greeted by a gecko on the top step peering down at me, a sure sign of spring. (They kept to themselves while the temperatures were "down" in the 80s.) It seems like everyone is trying to grasp the good weather before we settle back into the smoldering reality of summertime, and conversations revolve almost exclusively around this.
Mike and Bethy roasting marshmallows

and Natalie and Thomas roasting marshmallows

Barbecues are the name of the game right now; we attended one out in Ghantoot (near Mike's jobsite) where Bethy got to try out snorkeling for the first time. Some great fish out there. As night fell the American guests were happy to introduce s'mores to go along with the beers and shisha. I never thought I'd be standing under palm trees in the Middle East, instructing an Australian how to make and assemble a s'more...Bethy remembered them, but for Thomas it was learning how all over again, with good results. The Aussie said to our hosts and to the world in general, "Gotta hand it to you Americans, you can throw a good barbie." Now, there's a compliment.

We're savoring every breeze, that the Gulf waters are still cool, and the rare raindrops that fell this morning. Prepping the cars. the garden. It reminds me of home in September, getting in that last hike, last picnic, the same sort of activities...but backwards.


Julia said...

Hurray for s'mores bringing people together. It's wonderful to hear that Americans can do something right :)

dorothy said...

And here in the midwest we still see the zero mark on our morning thermometer checks....180 degrees of difference.

Jean said...

World peace and understanding through s'mores. I like it. Good going, former Camp Fire member and day camper!