Monday, March 16, 2009

You can't rewind a moment in this life...

I was thinking about the photos in Dubai I've missed. You know, the ones where you go: "Oh, no WAY!" and then you either have no camera or the moment has passed you by.

Having kids, I constantly miss the moment, the look, but I keep trying. Some things, however, are probably not going to have a second chance.

Like the time at night when we were driving along with friends and saw three men trying to push a tanker truck. No really, they were giving it all they had.

We laughed so hard it's amazing we didn't bust something.

Or the time Mike said "I saw a picture for you: workers sleeping during the heat of midday in the shadow of a stream roller's roller."

Then there are the women running on the track at Safa Park in their abayas with only their eyes and white Nikes showing. (I'll never get a photo of this unless I get really sneaky.)

Along those same lines, though far more sinister, or is that humorous, was last week during the Predictor. We charged around the corner and Darth Vader was running in Safa, apparently later chasing an unfortunate fellow Dubai Road Runner, selected at random, with his lightsaber. Fortunately that particular action was for the camera, albeit not mine, and YouTube benefited at a later date.

Of course, the guys holding a very long aluminum ladder along the side of their car by lacing it through their arms was memorable. It stuck out quite a bit, front and back as they drove down the freeway.

I did get a photo of the guy unicycling on Umm Seqeim Beach:

And then there was IKEA, trying to sell sand to the Arabs:

(I mean, come ON! I don't care how clever your marketing is, this will not work.)

Then, in our own house, there was Thomas and his Burqua-bedecked train, thanks to the locally crafted wooden nesting dolls we acquired:

Got a shot of that.


*Paula* said...

LOL! A Burqua-bedecked train eh? That's something!

Sariya said...

I missed two GREAT pictures that I'm beating myself up about ... one was a huge sea of blue workers (at least 100 of them or more!) sleeping midday on the ground ... other passerbys were taking pics, but I was too busy driving! another was just outside my house where some poor bloke tried to drive his little hatch back through the sand and lost half of his hood! 2 workers in blue and the poor white guy were standing there scratching their heads ...