Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh yeah...

raindrops dripping off a palm tree

After my moaning about the rains being over, Dubai thrilled us with an abrupt change in weather. From sandstorms, wind blowing the sand across the roads, and heavy, thick air in the morning suddenly we went to spectacular thunder and lightning as Cathy and I ran in Safa Park, (and thank you to the Parks Department for providing the thoughtful rubber running surface.) Then...RAIN.

We'd just finished one good hard lap and decided to not press our luck, perfect timing. Not that we didn't get back out to stand in the pelting downpour for a moment. Other runners went by, one Indian man giggling madly. It is possible there were a few "whoo-HOO!" whoops from our general direction.

Liquid bliss. Cathy and I drove out to the beach to watch the lightning cracking across the sky. The streets flooded, recklessly driven cars slid and crashed, trees toppled. Fantastic!

This morning was more of the same, raining and crashing, delightful. My Scottish neighbor and I gleefully delighted in the "just like home!" aspect, then ducked our heads and went back inside.

Doesn't get better than this.

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