Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wanna be loved by you...

Thomas is deeply in love with Eba the turtle. I don't know if this increases or decreases her chances of survival.

The way he says "Eeeeee-ba" is incredibly cute, in what I think is a conscious imitation of Pixar's Wall-E saying "Eve-ah". (If you haven't seen this film, you really, really should. It's wonderful and thought-provoking and you can watch it with kids!)

Thomas was doing his turtle walk long ago, (one of my favorite games...I can keep up with him when he's a turtle!) but now he has a real turtle to do it with. What could be better?

Captions for that last one, anybody?


Jeni said...

Well based on Mike’s previous comment about the turtle my caption would be:

“And then there was one.”

Hehe sorry couldn’t resist!


Matt and Kim Fairbanks said...

Your kids are getting so big! We miss you guys. I still can't believe all the stories and pictures you share. What a great adventure you're on. Wow. I LOVE these pictures of Thomas and his turtle. :) So precious.