Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Riders on the storm...

Our family is loving this weather! Loving it! Rain followed by winds and lightning, but mostly winds and sandstorms. Interspersed with pretty darned nice hours of warmth, if not clear skies.

No, the skies are greyish-beige, and visibility is lousy. Humidity is up too, and like or hate it, all anyone can talk about is the weather.

Been doing some driving through floods, which would be much better in one of our SUVs than our little rental sedan, but oh well. The storms have been much worse away from the city, so we're lucky.

Here are some shots from today. Remember, it's warm, not cool, and that's not fog hiding the buildings. It's sand.

Al Khail road (by Bethy's school)

Towards the Marina and JBR

Towards Sheikh Zayed Road

There was a guy playing golf out there as the winds whipped and lightning snapped. Me, not only would the ball really get blown off course, but it is really wise to raise a golf club during an electrical storm? Just a thought.

The Burj Dubai
which has been fading in and out of view the past few days.

Impressive for a 2,694 foot building. (For comparison, the Space Needle is all of 605 feet tall...)

Last thought: the rains have made our plants very, very happy, and with careful shooting, one can get some rather lovely flower photographs!

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