Thursday, June 12, 2008

Closing walls and ticking clocks...

Dubai forecast: 93 degrees at 10:30 PM, tomorrow's high slated to be 104. (40 degrees C). One week has gone by since we got the "go!" and the idea of what we're setting out to do is becoming part of our consciousness. Every moment is defined by the thought "WE'RE GOING!", both waking and sleeping.I am gathering up bags of toys and clothing to donate (and hoping the kids don't notice!) and eyeing our possessions with a mixture of annoyance and regret.

Bethy has a good grip on the entire thing. She asked why I'd said that she probably wouldn't be taking a new dress of hers because it was "too heavy", and what did that mean. I explained that most of our clothes are for the mild climate here and will be too hot for Dubai, that we would only take a few clothes, but that we'd go shopping for new clothes when we got there.Without missing a beat she replied: "I don't want to take ANY clothes!"
She's going to love the official Month of Shopping there.Thomas has been driving our new suitcases around the house. I think we're going to be fine.

The Grandparents have moved past the "tar-and-feather our offspring for taking away the grand kids" stage and are getting excited for us too. This is a very good thing, and relieves a lot of stress.

As for us, we've exchanged the "Holy Mother of God what did we just DO?!" stage for the "Excited" stage, though I keep wondering if I'm going to wake up and find this was all an elaborate dream.I'm babbling about the move to anyone who will stand still long enough and people's reactions have been very interesting to observe, ranging from horror to envy. The most prevalent reactions have been have been those of enthusiastic interest.

I'm loving this.

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