Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Smile, though your heart is breaking...

When you're tired you make interesting mistakes. Here are our most interesting ones so far:

I didn't refrigerate our $140.00 Typhoid vaccine medication, though it was clearly labeled. Expensive mistake. Now I need to go get more. Dang it.

Mike tried, rather hard, to take a seat in Thomas' highchair. It actually took him a minute to realize his mistake.

And my personal favorite: I went to blow out a large jar candle, raised it to my lips, forgot what I was doing and damned near took a drink of the hot wax! Thank goodness the flame flickered and startled me out of my reverie and back to reality. Would've hurt.

Yesterday was the last day with my cat. Today she (and the houseplants) went to live with my parents. This is quite sad, since I've had her for 18 years. On the other hand, maybe she'll get some peace and quiet there away from the kids. Thomas, in particular, likes to lie down on top of her and play with her ears and chase her with loud toys. She's been far too tolerant with him, probably because he gives her the lid to his yogurt cup every morning.

Here's to hoping Kiki the cat likes her retirement home.

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