Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do they know it's Christmas?

Bethy: Mommy, will there be Christmas in Dubai?
Natalie: Yes, though it'll be different from here, since lots of people celebrate Christmas here but not as many people do there.
Bethy: Will Santa come to Dubai?
Natalie: Of COURSE Sweetie.
Bethy: And can I write a letter to Santa there?
Natalie: You can write a letter to Santa from anywhere in the world.
Bethy: Does Santa know about the writing left-right and right-left?
Natalie (grins): Yep. He knows all the languages of all the children in all the world.

Later we got into a discussion about the distinct possibility that we won't have a Christmas tree. She seemed unconcerned about that, phew.Perhaps I should pack our a few of our favorite ornaments. Surely there will be room...

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