Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keep holding on...

Mike, being the great daddy that he is, (I love this guy!) suggested that Bethy should have her own box to pick out which toys she'd like to take to Dubai, instead of having me swoop through and choose for her.

Bethy loved the idea. I found her a box. She was all excited. Then she packed it, and then repacked it, over a period of a few days.

Then came the question I'd been dreading:
"Mommy, why is my box so small?"

I think I have her held off with "It has to fit in your suitcase, sweetheart," and promises to take other items in addition, like books and movies, and her favorite stuffed dogs, Dog-Dog and Heartie. We shall see.

The little people had their travel immunisations and blood draws today. It actually went really, really well. No tears at all from Bethy, and a quick recovery both times by Thomas. These kids are so great.

Mike and I are running on, oh, perhaps 2 of our 4 alotted cylinders. Driving, conversations that involve nouns, walking from one area to another and then recaling why the trip was made, well, these things have become difficult. We'll look back and laugh about this. Actually, we're laughing about it now.

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