Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hot patootie...

We made it to Dubai. (!)

36 hours after we left the USA we were on the Sheik Zayed Road (really a freeway) headed to our temporary home in The Greens. The city just amazing. At midnight it is definitely warm here, but not unbearable.
First class travel rocks.

The kids were great the entire time.

They were pretty much mobbed when we got into an elevator at the airport here. The women in particular were touching the kids' faces and blond hair and tickling Thomas. I hear blond, curly-haired kids better get used to that fast here and ours handled themselves well.

Everyone here has been super nice to us in our first few hours here.

We're sore and tired from the flights and all our luggage and tramping around Amsterdam (another beautiful city, and one I'd love to visit and photograph) but Dubai is spectacular and we feel very welcome.

We're needing to go to bed now (it's the middle of the night here), but will post more as soon as we can.


Dan said...

Dubai! That place looks amazing. Best of luck to you and your fam.

Pat & Colleen said...

Hi Bethy, Thomas, Natalie, & Mike! We are so happy that you have arrived safely and that you already feel welcomed. Sorry we missed your online calls. Thanks for leaving a message on the land line. Bethy, your little friend, Jamilla, was still asleep in your bed, when you left and she missed the plane. But as soon as I get your new address in Dubai, I will send her to you. :-) I bet you had fun on the plane!
Love and Hugs to All of You!
Mom & Dad V
PS. Mike dad rescued your 2 missing envelopes from the trash can. They are already in the mail. (Love the Makita picture! - Our son the engineer!) LOL

Jean said...

Congratulations! Glad you survived the trip and things are looking rosy again. Charlie and I are awaiting the next installments from your exciting adventure.