Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last night Bethy said to Mike, "Daddy, only one more week until we go to Dubai!"

Mike called me today. Between the plaintive cries for attention from the dynamic curly-haired duo, (thanks to Mirna for rechristening our children!), I could just make out that Mike was saying we'd hit a snag. A real snag.

The immigration laws in the UAE are changing as of August 1st. We were supposed to fly out there next Wednesday on 60-day visitor visas. When Mike's work visa got approved (usually 20 days), we would all apply for resident visas - no problem. The new laws do not allow direct conversion from visitor to work or resident visas. In order to obtain a work or resident visa, a person must leave and not reenter the UAE for 30 days. This does not work so well.


Mike's office is packed, but he may have to work there for another month. I've quit my job, and we are vacating our house as of Tuesday, no matter what. Much packing has commensed and planning has occurred. We're mentally prepared, ready and willing to go.

We may get to leave on time if there is some sort of miracle of diplomacy. (doubtful).

We may leave in 20 days (minumum) if we go on Mike's work visa.

Or, add another 45 days to that (65 total) to go on a resident visas.

65 days in a local hotel with 2 kids and one car, since the other one will be sold by this weekend. Eating out for every meal. Ugh. And waiting to go.

We cannot rent a house in Dubai or enroll Bethy into a school in the UAE unless we have a resident visa.

I cannot buy furniture until we have a house. This is a big deal for me because furniture prices will go up (Except at IKEA, thank goodness for them!) once fall begins and folks start showing up once the brutal summer is over We only have so much money allotted by the company for relocation costs.

So that's it. We're proceeding as if we're going until we're told otherwise. I am thinking this is how travel to the Middle East generally goes. No guarantees, but things will work out in the end, Insha'Allah.

And here I thought today I was going to have a humorous post about my struggles to find a gardener. Hah!

Silver lining...perhaps I'll get to go to the Lavender Festivals after all? Won't be cooking...

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