Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a girl wants, what a girl needs...

With this warm weather we've been leaving the house open at night to let the cool in. This also lets in lots of crane flies. Bethy decided at some point that crane flies were scary and that whenever she saw one that Mommy must come, catch it, and let it go outside. Immediately.

Mommy was so not with this program after the 15 gazillionth crane fly air raid siren.

I put my foot down, proclaiming "Young lady, you are going to feel a crane fly on your hand and see that they are gentle bugs that just bumble bumble and it's no big deal."

Hardening myself to the screams, (Bethy as I carried her outside in her jammies, Mike because he was trying to be on an international conference call ) I put the crane fly cupped in my hand on her palm.

Her eyes went wide, she giggled, and then watched entranced as the crane fly flew away.

Now all she wants to do is catch-and-release crane flies.

At least there's no screaming.


Mike brought home a gift bag from work for Bethy: a $20 Fandango gift certificate, fun kid candies (remember candy necklaces and Pixy Stix?) and a small golden cup. Apparently she won the "Best Kid Helper" award at Mike's company picnic before we went camping and it just caught up with us. How cool is that?

We have great kids. I'll try to remember that on the plane. :)

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