Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's the final countdown..

Unless we hear otherwise, as of 12:55 tomorrow afternoon we are airborne.

Quick photos of Mike opening a bottle of wine with his Makita (hey, the corkscrew was packed!) and a photo of the kids having ice cream with their beloved honorary Uncle Pete (of Uncle Petes Pizza---quite tasty!) in Bothell who they are going to miss very much.

We're packed. The house is sooo clean. Still a list of stuff to do, (mostly phone calls and paperwork) but we are getting there.

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Radu said...


I hope you guys arrived there and it isnt too hard to adjust. I hope the family is good to go. This is a "small world", because everytime I order pizza, I get it from Uncle Petes. I live so close to his place, I can actually smell my pizza cooking. Well take care and remember if you need an assistant in "paradise", keep me in mind.

Radu "the New Guy"