Monday, August 31, 2009

All you need is love

Day three of school, and this is how Bethy signed her name to one of the forms:

"Bethy" (heart, drawing of her teacher Miss Maggie and one of Bethy), "I em (am) glad to be in shool (school). I love shool" (school).

Now that, my friends, is a good beginning.

The class guidelines are "bees" as in Be a good listener, Be kind, and so forth. Bethy is our little queen B so she is all over this concept and tickled to death she has a bumblebee with her name on it designating her cubby.

Already her Arabic teacher has talked with the students about Ramadan (their first day, which Bethy told me all about), and I have gotten rave reviews from her about the library and art classes and how she loves music class.

Breathing again.


Mom2ABJ said...

Hello dear Natalie!
Goodness, I am so sorry to hear about the poor experience that Bethy had last year! That is so scary. There was a lot of bullying at Aziza's school last year as well and that was an all-girls school! It was odd since it was starting at such a young age. Aziza is joing Bassil at Royal Dubai School this year and hope it will be a better experience. DAA was actually my first choice before I learned that we would live in Mirdif ... too far of a drive from here! But I find RDS to be extremely similar to DAA, although more British ;)

Good luck and I hope to see you soon!! BTW, Jennah's therapy center is just on the other side of Lulu (The Rashid Paediatric Therapy Center), so maybe we can coordinate coffee (post-Ramadan, of course!) more often!!


*Paula* said...

Yaay! Hurray for good school experiences! So happy for Bethy :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian said...

I'm so glad this school sounds wonderful.
Bethy and you are both amazing people.