Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This heat has got right out of hand, it's a cruel cruel summer...

The city is crowded

My friends are away

And I'm on my own

It's too hot to handle

-Bananarama, Cruel Summer

The days have been indescribably hot. Thus I'm not even going to try and tell you how hot, how utterly blazingly wet and, well, damned hot. Instead I'll put up the data from Mike's work as to the conditions on his jobsite out in the desert yesterday:

I hope you can read it. The temperature was 46.33 C which translates to 115.4 degrees F. Now, that's hot by any definition, but what's staggering and far more pertinant to the actual experience is the heat index, which is how it actually feels: 69.16 C. That's 156.5 in F!!!

Bragging rights forever when you survive heat like that.

And Mike and I both wore jeans. Toasty.


*Paula* said...

Ok. I'm officially bowing down to you. Here I am complaining about the heat here in New England (in the 90s with high humidity) but in my defense it never gets this hot in Ireland!!

Cathy O. said...

Love that song, but I'm so sorry the heat has escalated so badly. :-( I'm sending you cool breezes....

sherrip said...

Ok, those kinds of temperatures are supposed to be reserved for warming up bread, or other tasty items, not for people to live in. You might as well climb into my proofing oven--it's cooler!