Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Romance in a rearview mirror

I’m movin’ I’m feeling like I’m rollin’ on my own
(what could be better?)
Then somewhere drivin’ my car the radio turn it on
(what could be better?)
I check around in traffic from my point of view
(what could be better?)
Then I saw her in the mirror,
maybe the same thing has happened to you

-Cheap Trick, Romance In a Rearview Mirror

This blog entry is for you folk who want pictures and little prattle to sift through. Here you go: a few sights from today's Mommy-and-kids road trip:

I have sorely missed driving Snorkel Car (above...our Land Rover Defender 90...a serious toy) along the desert highways. The slow chuggy power of diesel...heady stuff. Plus, we look so cool.


Cathy O. said...

Did you go to Barracuda? "Grocery shopping" again? :-)

Pat and Colleen said...

Wow, Natalie! The great picture of the camel in your review mirror is fantastic! WTG!