Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You're beautiful, it's true...

Thanks to all for the emails and comments on our blog. I really appreciate all of your help!

As a reward, (and since I spent all my time emailing this morning!) here are some photos of the smaller, lovely treaures we get for living here.

1.Little people from the Pacific NW eating apples and splashing in a puddle.

2. Maina bird (or you may know it as an Indian Mayna Bird. We call them the "Open-mouth Birds" since when it's hot(ter) they jump around with their beaks agape. I know the feeling.

3. Almost a Chickadee, with the crest of a Cardinal. Love these.

4. Frangipani. Bethy finally got to use her "Aloha!" here to Frank, who came out from the Bothell office, and who grew up on Oahu. He was as pleased as I, perhaps even more so, to see these. I have a vision of one in a pot on our balcony, and another pot with a lemon tree on the other side.

5. The scarlet-orangy blossoms of this tree are gorgeous. (Haven't gotten a plant book yet, and am holding myself back from going to any plant nurseries until we move into the new villa). I get a kick out of the nifty long beans.

Last, isn't this pretty? Full tank, 20 US bucks. $1.41 per gallon.

And they pump it for you.

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