Saturday, September 6, 2008

Welcome to Paradise

On the weekends my posts will generally be shorter, because Mike and I don't get up at 4 AM unless we have to, and 4:30-6:30 AM is my kid-free computer (etc.) time.

Though we've been busy during our weekend "free time", it's not all work.
We spent this morning doing this, for instance:

(Thanks to Mike for the photos and his great timing. Note there is also a photo of the elusive Mike, not in his natural habitat.)

"Inna pool" is Thomas and Bethy's favorite thing to do, and we haven't gotten to, what with school and setting up the house, so this was a real treat. The kids love their inflatable shark, and they love being flung up in the air.

I also think it's therapeutic for parents to give their kids a good toss now and then. I imagine this is one of the reasons teenagers can be tougher to take; chances are they aren't as cute as little kids and you can't manhandle them as easily.

Not, of course, that I advocate manhandling children. Not I.

But it is awful fun.

First week of kindergarten, first week of Ramadan, and all is going well. We do miss stopping for coffee during the day, and I miss wearing short sleeves, (though I could if I really wanted to.) The nice thing for me is that shopping is far more pleasant since many go to sleep in the afternoons and the shopping areas are practically empty. (Including IKEA! YES!) This is great since I'm trying to get everything for the new house.

Mike asked Thomas the other day, "What did you and Mommy do today Thomas?"

"Go-a shopping. Mommy go a-shopping in the mall."

Mike laughed. I protested that it was strictly house shopping. Either way, now Mike has a spy:

Double agent Thomas.

Tonight we go with the kids to see the cannon being fired at Safa Park and they can watch me run the Predictor. Hopefully I'll look like I'm having enough fun to convince Mike not to have me committed to a mental institution. It'll be a challenge...

Last little bit: I have tried to make it easier for you to leave comments, based on the feedback I got and some helpful tips. (Thank you so much! You know who you are).
There should be no more of those annoying squiggly letters, and you can leave a comment as"anonymous" (sign your name if you like within the comment) if you don't want to sign up with Google.

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