Friday, February 19, 2010

This could be the very minute I'm aware I'm alive, all these places feel like home...

Before we begin, I want to assure you that no camels were harmed in any way during the creation of this post.

Feel better?


In the name of research, Thomas and I went and made the ultimate personal sacrifice of sitting on cushy chairs in a swanky sort of place and eating chocolates.

But not just any chocolates...

The world's first and only CAMEL CHOCOLATES!

Yes, my friends, now there is a high-end line of chocolates created from...yummy...camel's milk.

Those good folks at Camelicious brought in experts and worked for two years to create Al Nassma chocolates for you and me. Bless them.

You can get the elegantly wrapped chocolate in bars with such flavors as date or orange, as chocolates with coffee or hazelnut cream filling, or, my personal favorite, pistachio, or even a cunning gold foil chocolate camel.

They are undeniably tasty! And what a special gift for someone, huh? That's how I was first introduced to them, and a welcome gift they are indeed.

Thomas ate his with his favorite, strawberry Camelicious. You can also get it in saffron, date, and Bethy's choice, chocolate. Good stuff. The company's laban, a thick yogurty drink, is great in pancake mix and tomato soup. Which is good, because the cow and laban bottles look a lot alike and I've brought home laban from the grocery store by accident more than once.

As I knew you would be disappointed if I hadn't actually tried something new to me along with the chocolates, no worries. I am your guinea pig!


The Camel-ccino!

Seriously, there's no way I could have resisted such an opportunity.

Frothy, thickly foamy, hot, and beautiful to look at.

The taste, well, it's something I would have to get used to, (along those lines I am not a fan of soy milk lattes either,) but what an experience. Such an easy way to feel more a part of my adopted country. I drank it all, and with sugar sprinkled on top and bites of chocolate inbetween sips, well, that made for a darned good day.

The Bedouins of the deserts lived primarily on dates and camel milk and, according to the literature nicely provided by Camelicious, camel's milk is incredibly good for you. Hypoallergenic, rich in vitamins while low in fat, and "closest in composition to human milk."

I'm feeling healthier already.


I am absolutely dying to track down the Camelicious Camel Farm out in Umm Nahad. I hear they welcome visitors. Stay tuned for more adventures...

You can find Al Nassma chocolates in the Mall of the Emirates at their stand on what I call the second floor but here they call the first floor near, of course, the Camel Company.


Mom2ABJ said...

OK, so maybe it's because I was up vomitting all last night and the smell of camel milk is mysteriously lingering in my nose ... but I couldn't quite get through your post today ... I stopped after your first mention of "camel's milk"... UGH.

Natalie said...

I feel for you, and don't blame the milk! It's the same bug I have that made the RAK half marathon yesterday such total and utter misery yesterday for me. (at 15 km I was throwing up like crazy, which never happens, and I was sure I was going to faint...spots dancing before my eyes, the world fading to only yellow and white colors, even though I was forcing liquids at every drink stop. At the end I was gasping and crying uncontrollably, awful!)

Get better, and when you feel better, trust me, you have to try the chocolates. They are lovely, I promise.

dorothy said...

Love it! Did you hear Fred is engaged?! It was time for something interesting to happen in the family!

Natalie said...

Hooray Fred! Pass along my congratulations to him and his betrothed, would you?

Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian said...

I'm glad you can try these things for me.
I'm now back from Tennessee where I was in on a discussion of the greatness of squirrel!!!! I just made an ugly face, I'm sure much like I'm doing about eating camel burgers.
But camel chocolate.... Chocolate is chocolate.

Natalie said...

Squirrel...I dunno. Seems kind of close to rat to me. I had a co-worker once who brought in a whole cookbook detailing how to prepare squirrel, including one recipe for squirrel stuffed with nuts in a brown sauce!

Chocolate, though, contrary to popular belief, just like there is such a thing as bad pizza there is also bad chocolate. Or at least cheap chocolate. These couldn't be further away from that: smooth, rich, deliciously decadent chocolates.

Right up my alley, in other words!

paris parfait said...

In all my years in the Middle East, I never heard of camel chocolates! Sounds intriguing...

Marc said...

I really realy enjoy your blog Natalie.
Love you're writing.

Congrats on the big race, quite the adventure.

You talked me out of the soggy camle burger...but would love to try the chocolate


AKBrady said...

Hmm, ya know, a friend and I were just discussing the merits of eating musk ox, and here you come with the camel milk thing. Maybe our two worlds aren't so different, after all...;) Cheers to Thomas for giving it a go!

Connie said...

Camel chocolate, with a side of camel-ccino, to go, please!