Monday, June 22, 2009

Let's go to the movies...

Thomas got to see his very first movie in the theater. Our family is very much into Pixar flicks...oh, we love them so...therefore we were all excited to go see UP. The kids went into hysterics at the balloons just watching the DVD previews at home.

The idea of getting popcorn and M&Ms was more than enough to send the kids' happiness quotient into the stratosphere. I think we could have sat in a dark room with no movie, just the refreshments and they would have been happy little campers.

I learned a few things from this experience of taking a small child to the movies: most importantly not to expect to see the whole thing. Second lesson, it's not my imagination: the tone and pitch of Thomas' voice carry really, really well. He, like all of us, is a member of that deplorable species the movie commentator.

Actually, Thomas did pretty well, cried less than I did, but UP was too scary for him. He did a lot of climbing into my lap and twice the chorus of "Mommy I 'cared!!!" (I'm scared) ended up in my taking him out of the theater for a break. Of course during pivotal scenes, when the action was greatest. Surprisingly, I didn't mind. Mommy points for me.

And yes, he did wear the empty popcorn container as a hat as soon as the last kernel was devoured, through dinner afterwards (at Johnny Rockets where they had cheeseburgers with Tillamook cheese! Oh, luxury of luxuries!) and beyond.

Can I just say, there's something funny about watching Arabs in traditional dress crowding the counter at a 50's burger joint. Just this side of surreal.

Along the lines of firsts, the kids also got to experience the phenomenon of the Dubai Friday Brunch. The point of these things is to eat (and in the adults' case, drink) yourself silly. It's a matter of honor. I honestly don't know how some people do this week after week. Our kids missed said point entirely, ate almost nothing, instead having a fabulous time running around with their buddies. Not a bad choice.

I bother to mention this at all as an excuse to share this super cute photo my friend Lizbeth took of her daughter Gaby and our kids:

Can you blame me?

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Jolie-Anne said...

UP was too scary for Sylvie (aged 4) as well. I thought it was hilarious. We saw it in 3-D, which taught me a valuable lesson. Popcorn "butter" and 3-D glass worn by children are not a good combination.

Glad you are home enjoying the greenery