Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's the world I know...

The landscape here in Washington is such a tonic for my eyes and soul. It's so green and lush and alive, and the hills and valleys feel like being in a bowl of nature all around. Clouds in the sky, and it rained.

The kids were incredibly good on the flights, and are now having the best time with their cousins. They were so excited to be met by their cousins Alex and Allison at SeaTac airport.

I turned on the cold water tap and darned if cold water didn't come out. For the longest time we thought the taps in Dubai were all plumbed backwards since if you turned on the cold you got hot and if you turned on the hot you'd get cold for a little bit...and then it would be really hot.

There is a honest-to-God tumble dryer in this house, oh, luxury of luxuries.

Bethy was fighting me about putting on socks. Finally she said she didn't want to wear socks because the sand gets stuck inside. We all laughed. No sand here unless you go looking for it.

I went to Walmart for a fun, brainless field trip, driving amongst sane people along the way and getting a drive through high octane latte. Between the caffeine and the amazing prices at Walmart I nearly stroked out. Dubai is SO expensive!

I tried to get out of paying state taxes at Walmart, slapping down my Emirates driver's license and residency card, but it became painfully obvious I was causing more stress to the 3 checkers and the supervisor than it was worth. None of them had ever heard of Dubai, let alone the UAE, and the choices "in the book" were only within the USA, Guam, the Virgin I said, not worth flustering them so.

Mike and I both have craved pizza for months from The Rock, which is a wood-fired pizza place. They also offer their discerning patrons buckets (no, really! Of the plastic take to the beach and fill-with-sand sort!) of a special and highly tasty 5-rum concoction for the adults and raw dough for the kids to play with. OK, so we all like to play with the dough. We made it there for lunch and were rendered utterly useless for the reminder of the day. Could've been the pizza, could've been the buckets...

Fortunately the good times for our kids with their cousins continue.

As you can see.

On the negative side, we all decided the best thing to do while being here was to get sick and get everybody around us sick too. Our first days of our visit have been joy mixed with the nonstop coughing, jet lag, and some mental confusion that has led to interesting scenarios. On one hand we're so happy to be here, on the other hand we feel like the plague...

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Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

It really IS the little things that make you feel like you're home, isn't it?! I tell the (true) story of going to Wal-Mart and frantically filling the cart with all the things I can't get here in Saudi, and then coming to my senses and slowly returning everything to its rightful location. People in the States laugh but on't get it. Only another expat knows how that feels, I guess! Have a fabulous time in the States!