Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Come on let it rain

Today Mike had our Patrol towed out from Abu Dhabi to Dubai; we await the diagnosis, which we may get tomorrow. Fortunately we've found a place we trust to do a good job. When we'll get the SUV back, however, is anybody's guess. Another sort of adventure.

Like all good Seattleites, we look to the rains as a part of "home". In Dubai, with winter comes cooler temperatures (85 instead of 115 F), clouds in the sky which is now blue instead of white, and yes, once in a while, rain.

When it rains, as the saying goes, it pours. The clouds tend to open up in individual areas, lightning and thunder rippling and cracking across the sky. It's rained several times for us so far, and we're loving it each time.

Winds come whipping through and the trees, recently planted in the sands, topple over. No worries, they get replanted within a day.

On the roads, however, it's a different proposition. The windshield wipers are...inadequate. The roads flood quickly. Drivers slow way, way down, which is good:

I think we are fitting into desert life well, since we, like any desert travellers, long for the rain.

Come on let it rain
Let it rain down on me
Let the rain touch my hands
Let the rain set me free
Let it rain down on me

-Melissa Etheridge


Pat and Colleen said...

Super cute video! Oh...How I love the sound of that laughter!

Grandma Colleen

Will & Cheyenne said...

Your back yard looks pretty. I was suprised to see so much green.

Karen said...

Hi Natalie,
Karen here, Barry's wife from SNC. Funny enough we are off to the SNC kids Christmas party tomorrow. The girls were asking if the girl and little boy with the blonde curly hair would be there!! Barry put me onto your blog just recently - Enjoying your take on Dubai life. I kind of miss that adventure of expat life! Came across someone I know in your blog - Cat Birch - I used to work with her husband Gregg in Malaysia! Say hello for me if you are still in contact.
Take care - enjoy the rain!