Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All is quiet on New Year's Day...

Had to interrupt the story for a news flash.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai has cancelled New Year's Eve. No, really. He can and he did.

As far as parties go, we are fortunate in that we were planning on attending a quiet family sort of BBQ at Cathy and Scott's and hadn't put out the big bucks for an elaborate evening...because all of those evenings are cancelled.

Now, before you say, as I did, what the....?!!! perspective is needed. The Sheik's ruling is intended to show "solidarity" and a united front with the people of Palestine. Regardless of how you feel about the conflict between Palestine and Israel, the Gaza Strip does need the world's focus on what has been happening since the end of the ceasefire.

Essentially, the message being sent is that the world's biggest party city won't be partying tonight. Bigger things are happening in the Arabic world.

We can respect that. And perhaps, just perhaps, some peace will come to the Middle East in the new year...


jacker said...
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halfbreed said...

natalie, thank you for posting this. it is true... it is something everyone should be aware of.

my endeavor has been quite exciting... looking at our stats... we are receiving hits worldwide and have supporters trickling in from across the globe.

soon i will be having a conversation with the international coordinator from ICAHD via skype on a partnership. i hope i hope i hope

so, yes, i will post a link here in hopes that some others will take a look and perhaps other artists will join in the effort. if anything, raise awareness.


thank you.