Monday, July 26, 2010

Suddenly I see, this is what I want to be...

sailboat Donna in the harbor of Pythagoreio. Mamma Mia!

To tour the Greek island of Samos, we chose a little blue Fiat Panda, all of 131.2 inches long. (For perspective, our Nissan Patrol in Dubai is more than 200 inches long.) So stinking cute, and perfect for the narrow village roads.

Mike couldn't wait to wedge himself in and start beeping the horn at the corners in proper island style. The kids christened it Blues Clues and we were off.

The nearest town, Pythagoreio, is the birthplace of, and named in his honor, Pythagoras. Yes, of the Pythagorean theorem for a right triangle.

He also designed a wine cup that teaches moderation. There is a line inside the bowl of the cup, and you can fill it with any sort of liquid up to that line and drink as you usually would. But, go past the line and every drop of your drink comes flooding out of a hole in the bottom. Who wants to treat the famous Samian wine that way?

We learned about this cup when I took Bethy for a time out to a gift store away from her Dad and brother to give everyone a break. Bethy charmed the store owner (I offered to sell her) and was being quite good, but then, in her Bethy-esque exuberance, bumped one of the cups which crashed to the floor, breaking the base. The store owner gifted it to her, and I talked him into at least letting me pay a reduced price for it, seeing as how we'd broken it.

I had to restrain myself from taking this teapot home. So darling, but not suitcase friendly. Still, is it just me? I almost regret not bringing this baby home.

We explored the harbor

and little backstreets, which were delightful, especially as we had them all to ourselves.

Then I saw these, and everything clicked into place. Omigod, that's what I want. As in, what I want out of life. I had to take a photo.

No doubt you are thinking, yes, backpacker's legs, lookin' good, but so what?

Here's the deal: not a soul in that group was under the age of 70. Seventy. How great is that?

The idea of backpacking, fit and adventurous, around the world for your retirement gets two thumbs up from me. Serious goodness. Something to think about.


Julia said...

I think being a backpacker after the age of 70 is a fantastic idea, especially when you factor in world travel. Gives you another something to think about when you're huffing and puffing up a hill and one of those individuals runs past you saying "I've been up since 4am, this is my third time up this mountain!"

AKBrady said...

Damn. Those legs. What was the rest of your post about, again....haha.

Anonymous said...

lovely people, this family.

Say hello to thomas the cute little boy and beautiful Bethy.

thanks so much Ms. Natalie and Mr. Mike..

Best regards,

P.S. may i have your facebook account? mine is

thanks! ^_^

Mumsey said...

I'd be such a sucker for that teapot.