Monday, April 12, 2010

I run for life...

Usually the racers at the Dubai Autodrome look like this:

and I can hardly claim to be into car racing, but let me tell you, they make the most fantastic noise as they go by. You'd have to be dead to not get a thrill out of it. Or like Thomas, who made it quite clear that in his opinion that for little ears those engines are too loud to be endured.

He has a point. Note to self: make kid listen to more rock music. Deaden those nerves. (Or maybe not...)

However, there was an entirely different sort of race at the Autodrome just the other day that was of particular importance to our family, and the racers, well, some of them looked like this:

Yes, that is Bethy. She ran her very first real, honest to goodness race. And got a real, honest to goodness medal. (and yes, that is me and yes, I do look like a total goober and no, I really don't care.)

Bethy with her friend and running buddy, Anna.

It was hot and not at all fun race for the few hundred silly grownups like myself running the 10K, a loop twice around the track the race cars usually speed around in, what, a couple of minutes? Took us a little longer, especially with the curves and swooping hills that undoubtedly make for a great drive.

It was challenging (translation: just this side of hell) and punishing, a couple of the runners ending up being ministered to by the ready EMTs for heat exhaustion or heatstroke. The winds were blowing, which made for work as well, but also brought some relief from the temperatures.

Next year they are going to try and start the race earlier to further mitigate the sun factor. As all runners in the Middle East are stark raving mad, I'm sure, like this time, every entry available will be filled.

I wasn't happy with my efforts, but then, neither was enyone else over the age of 16 I talked to.

The kids, on the other hand, ran 2.5 km, (oh, to be little again!) and gave it their best. They ROCKED the Autodrome. All smiles at the end, Bethy even had enough energy to race with me a bit before my finish line.

To say I am proud of my girl would be a massive understatement.

More importantly, she is super proud of herself. How great is that?

You have to love this kid and this sport.

A special thanks goes out to Shuko Coleman for the photos and to DRR and the Dubai Autodrome for putting on this race. Bethy will never forget it. She even took her medal to school for first grade show and tell. That makes me really, really happy.


Run for Life I hope you don't mind, but I was moved to include a link to a cause very near and dear to our family: breast cancer took my grandmother long before I, or any of her grandchildren were ever born, cheating her and all of us of the opportunity to know one another, and her daughter, my dear Auntie Sue, has just finished her last radiation treatment, along with surgery and chemo she endured for the disease. If you have been meaning to donate a little something to the Susan G Komen's CURE efforts, it's super fast and easy, and way easier than running that sucker yourself. Trust me. Here's the link to my aunt's team:

Regardless of whether or not you donate, for taking the time to read this, thank you.


AKBrady said...

Yah, yah, YAH for all of you girls! If I couldn't run I think I'd be nuts. Which is why I run even though I am old and broken down. ;)
So proud of Sue. You know my mom went through it recently, too, didn't you? And two other neighborhood ladies. Arg, this disease. So ready to be done with it!

Sariya said...

Love it! I don't know how you all run in this weather, but I do know you're the most awesome Goober I know!!!

Anonymous said...

Bethy! Bethy! Bethy! congratulations! What a good job and a medel! So proud of you!
Once again you are my sunshine la la la sunshine.


Pat and Colleen said...

Way To Go, Bethy! Pa & I are so proud of you!! Love your awesome running picture! You have the look of a winner!
Love YOU!

Will & Cheyenne said...

Man, those are some crazy conditions!! I am so proud of all your running. Did you and Cindy use to run together when you lived here?

Friendly Neighborhood Librarian said...

What a great cause!
And tell Bethy I'm so proud of her.