Sunday, October 4, 2009

In your eyes...

Thomas, being three, has a perspective on Dubai that is the most fun to hunker down and share. Like all parents with verbose little ones, Mike and I are constantly grinning at each other over the top of his head at the latest pronouncement.

A lot of Thomas' time is spent in the carseat, and thank goodness he's a good little passenger, driving in Dubai being what it is. There are few direct ways to anywhere, and even with a year under our belts to learn the routes and lighter traffic, (thanks to the economy and folks going back home), it can still take forever to go do ostensibly simple errands. As Dubai is the only home he really remembers, he's used to it.

So he sits in the back on the lookout for his favorite things and the landmarks of his three-year-old existence. First and foremost is this:

The "BIG TREE!" Why yes, it is a cellular tower in the shape of a palm. At least two if not three times the height of the real palms along the road. How great is that? There are variations on this theme around town; there's one with coconuts, and another one with a pineapple on the top instead of palm leaves. This one by our house is a date palm and Thomas adores it.

Then the singing starts "Tree, tree, Thomas tree, Thomas Thomas has a tree..."

On the flip side, he also loves the little potted trees by our library. "Baby tree...awwwww!" he coos in the same voice he uses for cute babies:

Yes, he was being a total goofball for the camera here. No surprise. He's three. And he's good at it.

Lately he scans the skies not only for the moon (always a crowd pleaser) but also for clouds. Hooray for cooling temperatures! We get below 100 now and then as the season progresses.

There are few dogs in Dubai, so spotting one being walked is a victory as well. Generally a detailed report of size, color, how fast it is going and how much it's tongue is sticking out. Usually with a demonstration of that last bit. Happiness factor 9.5 and counting.

There are armored transport trucks with a relatively large red letter "T" emblazoned on the side, so "T Truck! T Truck!" rings out when one of those is spotted. Of course it is his favorite letter.

(Yes, he went absolutely spare at sight of the Tully's T off I-5 in Seattle when we were home. We even have a song about it. To the same tune as the Big Tree song, of course.)

Then, about a month ago, he started recognising the distinctive shape of that Dubai icon, the Burj al Arab. As it is very tall, it can be spotted from all over the city, especially if you're three and have sharp little eyes.

OK, so another poor quality unedited video from me. I figure you're used to it by now. I can't help but share how he says "Burj al Arab!" I think it's sooooo cute. Yes, that is a bruise smack dab in the middle of his forehead, and no, I have no idea as to where he picked that one up. It was too many bruises ago for me to recollect the exact circumstances.

After a long hot day of spotting, our little man is one tired bundle.

Sweet sleep well earned.


*Paula* said...

Wah! I can't hear the sound. It might be my laptop though. I went through a phase of looking at home movies from the past few years -- so much fun. This movie is fun to look at now but in a few years - you'll want to watch it over and over!!

Jill said...

It is so funny what kids notice ... and what interests them. The Burj is a cool hotel - never went in but drove by several times.

And the cell tower that looks like a tree? How fun is that!

And not knowing where a bruise came from... I can so relate! After a point you just stop counting - or caring. :)