Thursday, February 12, 2009

I went out there in search of experience...(I went wandering)

By the time you read this (well, there's an ominous opening statement for you), it will be Friday the 13th and I will be taking on something that has me more nervous than childbirth.

I assume it will hurt less, but then again, one never knows. I hate to tempt the fates with a statement like that.

I am one of 5 members of the relay run team the Wanderers in the Wadi Bih 75 km cross-country race just over the border in Oman. Graham is our intrepid leader. Lots of uphill for runners from super-flat Dubai. Also very beautiful, rugged scenery, the high cliff walls of the wadi, rocks. As far as I know, no deep sand.

We intend to run this along with more than 100 other teams, including the Stragglers, the Waddlers, the Dawdlers, the Crawlers, the get the idea. Each team will have a 4x4 escort vehicle, which presents it's own difficulties.

Last year the race was won in a little over 5 hours. They're going to cut off the post race feed at 8 hours, so we have a goal.

This is what I get for zooming up hills where other runners can see me. I've prepped for the race by being sick and having my left knee and foot both rebel. Nothing like feeling prepared.

But very excited, too.

I have a half marathon next weekend too, but haven't given it more than a passing thought. There will be no team that could be let down for that one, you see. Thus the pre-race jitters.

Right now, we are all crossing our fingers that the rains and wind cease. It's not the weather, it's the possibility of flash flooding that could make this an entirely different sort of race...

Send some positive vibes our way!


*Paula* said...

Good luck Natalie!

Julia said...

Good Luck! I hope it goes well, and remember. (Don't) break a leg!