Saturday, October 25, 2008

...ready on the mark. Gonna try and take the pictures...(part 1)

Along the desert roads it is a big deal (for our family anyway) to spot four-legged creatures. Here are the best of the photos from this weekend:

Back home in the States I hear the World Series has been played, that you are in the throes of autumn, and that the air is crisp and cool. It's literally a world away for me. Two of you are, unsolicited, taking photos of the Pacific NW fall for me. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do! I can't wait to see them.


halfbreed said...

fall is my favorite time of year!!! i have pictures in my albums... but i will keep you in mind and post more just for you.

yes we get all excited over four legged animals too... but yours are much more interesting...
a camel!!!

wish we had had a chance to meet for coffee before you left.


Natalie said...

Thanks Vi for the photo thought!

I think I'll be dead before I'm not pressing my nose to the window, squealing "Camel! Camel!! There's a camel!!!"

Now if we can just find a desert fox...