Sunday, August 17, 2008

I take pictures, photographic pictures, bright light...

Several deliveries of fruits and beverages, numerous phone calls, and an additional visitor or two tells me that the staff here are the most caring, lovely folk. Thomas is doing just great, though perhaps he's not as photogenic as usual. We made a special trip downstairs to reassure the security guard who'd been on that night.
"Oh Ma'am, Ma'am I was so worried about the baby, how is the baby Ma'am, all night I thought about this baby."

He couldn't quite believe we'd come down to see him, and asked were we sure we weren't going to the pool or needed a taxi, surely he was misunderstanding, we hadn't come down just for him?

I told him several times that we had come down to put his mind at ease. I'm still not entirely sure he believed me, but we went straight back to our room, so the evidence is in our favor.

Thomas is trying so hard not to pick at the cut on his chin, and puts his hand about a centimeter below it, 'No touch! No touch an owee!' The one inside his mouth puzzles him, you can see him thinking what are these pokey stitch things? Another silver lining; he says "lip!" very clearly now.

To make up for the dirth of photos last post here are some of a favorite photographic subject for me, Middle Eastern lights.

The moon is from this morning at about 4:30.

Such delights for the eyes.

Have a Happy Monday.


Will & Cheyenne said...

I would not have expected so much concern. That is sweet!

Natalie said...

Everyone here has been so lovely to the kids. Would you believe I almost never have to carry Thomas to or from the car, (and Bethy gets carried too if there's more than one person around) and Ram the security guard has taken it upon himself to learn how to buckle the car seats correctly? True story.